SO SHERMAN is an innovative design brand, born from a deep understanding of the need for furniture and design products that can adapt to the changing needs of a family or business over time, while satisfying the desire for ongoing stylistic renewal.

The brand’s cutting-edge products are based on a unique design concept using magnetic panels, inviting customers to mix & match their preferred plastic panels on modular aluminum bases. SO SHERMAN and its innovative products are the brainchild of the brand’s founder, designer Orit Sherman Nahari, and were exclusively developed by a creative team under her leadership, comprised of Israel’s leading professionals, including industrial and graphic designers, as well as color and trend consultants.

SO SHERMAN’s foremost goal is to be the leading international innovation and design brand, featuring ground-breaking designs that are 100% produced in Israel – from the initial concept, to development and production. In order to make this ambitious vision a reality, Orit leveraged the advanced production capabilities of the I. Sherman Integrated Electronic Packaging Ltd. plant in the north of Israel, founded by her late father, Iulian Sherman. The plant employs hundreds of professionals, and has been leading in the field of electronic packaging since 1971.


SO SHERMAN founder Orit Sherman Nahari is an interior designer who specializes in custom home styling. Orit holds a B.A. in visual communication and is the artistic spirit that inspires the brand’s creative team, which includes top industrial and graphic designers, as well as leading color and trend consultants.


Orit says:

“Our family’s metal processing plant, founded by my father, represents the landscape of my childhood. Much of my childhood and teenage years were spent within its grayish corridors, lost in colorful daydreams about art and creativity. When I completed my degree in visual communication, I was finally ready to set out on my quest to achieve these dreams. Naturally, my father opened the door to my first success. Thanks to him and a talented team of engineers from the plant, I was able to begin designing my own modest line of products, which sold well at galleries and fairs.

Later in my career, I decided to study interior design and home styling. In this new field of expertise, I always made sure my plans and designs combined furniture with art. As the years went by and my experience grew, I became more and more interested in returning to my roots and working with the materials that I called ‘home’ and would anchor me. But this time, I would be older and wiser – I would return as an artist and designer.

For me, SO SHERMAN is proof that if you follow your dreams, you can achieve them.

My dream features colorful, smooth metal with rounded corners; a product that changes to suit any space and any taste, and always looks as if it were custom-made for the customer. It’s a dream into which I poured all the contrasting colors, textures, shades, and moods, to create a rich selection of products that are constantly being renewed. It’s the very same dream that I chased as a little girl, and I’m sure that if only he were here to see it, my father would be brimming with joy and pride.”


SO SHERMAN’s creative team, led by Orit Sherman Nahari, is comprised of Israel’s top design professionals, including:

Prime – Founded and directed by Omri Barzeev, Etay Amir, and David Keller. Prime is a boutique product design studio that specializes in strategy and development of electronic consumer goods and medical products. The studio develops outstanding new user experiences and revolutionary design concepts, and has won a number of design awards, among them: the iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, A’ Design Award and Competition, and the Good Design Award.

Emanuel “Manu” Rapoport – Head designer for the branding and design processes. One of the most prominent brand designers in Israel with many years of professional experience, Manu founded the Ascola School of Design, and previously served as CEO of his own studio, GraphicDesign.

Einat Frost – Designer and co-owner of Mishka Ve Shushka Branding & Design Studio, in which she specializes in branding, building websites and apps, and packaging design.

Gil Royter – Designer, curator, and entrepreneur. Gil studied visual communication at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design and earned a certificate in fashion and textile forecasting at Central Saint Martins, London. Gil has extensive experience working with both international and local paint and design companies.

Madnet Micro Technologies – A subsidiary of I. Sherman Integrated Electronic Packaging Ltd, headed by Doron Vanunu. Madnet is active in silk-screen printing, digital printing, and provides cutting solutions for special materials.



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